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Productions & Open Spaces


The productions presented in Sounds Now all relate to one of four  themes of inclusion: gender/gender identity, ethnicity, socioeconomic background and audience. This does not mean that each work has an “agenda”, but rather that it exemplifies, in whatever way the artist wishes, an attempt to step outside the usual themes and representations commonly seen today. Our criteria exist to ensure that the productions presented do not reproduce the usual patterns of representation; however, within that safeguard, artists have total creative freedom.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces are productions that directly engage the audience in the creative process. Local communities new to music work with a curating team to create a musical work that may be presented at a partner’s music festival. Although a quality artistic result is a goal, the priority is to create a meaningful musical experience for audiences. Open Spaces represent a safe zone for testing different techniques that will be re-tested in different cultural contexts.

06.07 — 22.11.2021

Memorial of Rebellion soon at November Music and hcmf//

Time of Music (FI), November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Memorial of Rebellion Ultima

02.03 — 05.11.2021

MusiMatrix DUO at Wilde Westen

Musica, Impulse Centre for Music (BE), Wilde Westen (BE)


Sound Art in Public Spaces

Wilde Westen (BE), November Music (NL), Spor (DK), Onassis Stegi (GR), Ultima (NO)

Sound Art in Public Spaces


Eupepsia/Dispepsia from Eva Reiter at SPOR and Ultima 2021

Spor (DK), Ultima (NO)

Eupepsia/Dispepsia SPOR festival

08.09 — 09.09.2021

Christian Winther Christensen’s Eating a Man at SPOR 2021

Spor (DK)

Eating a Man - Spor festival

18.06 — 18.07.2021

The bEAST released!

Musica, Impulse Centre for Music (BE)

TThe bEAST is a gigantic DIY instrument

06.07 — 10.07.2021

Sandeep Bhagwati: Nagori Rengakai

Time of Music (FI)

Nagori Rengakai Time of Music Festival 2021

Memorial of Rebellion postponed at November Music 2020 and hmcf// 2020

Ultima (NO), November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Memorial of Rebellion Ultima


Multi-Modal Community Project opening soon at Transit!

Transit (BE)

Frederik Croene


Sandeep Bhagwati at Ultima 2020

Ultima (NO)

Composer Sandeep Bhagwati

29.02 — 29.02.2020

Songs of Rebellion

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Songs of Rebellion