Sound space “Imaginaria” at Walden Festival

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

An “installative” sound space comes to Brussels Leopold Park

Sound space Imaginaria Musica

During Walden Festival 2022, SN partner Musica and Amadeo Kollectif present the ‘installative sound space‘ Imaginaria. On 17 July from 12 pm, the Brussels Leopold Park will be transformed into an open musical space. No fewer than 9 large sound sculptures will be set up, from percussion to string and air instruments.

These quirky, artful sculptures were conceived by Amadeo Kollectif. As interactive installations, they stimulate the imagination and invite children, young people and adults to experiment with sound and music.

All visitors are welcome to strum, pluck and blow all afternoon. Are you curious to hear these works of art played in full regalia? Make sure to attend one of the two performances where Amadeo’s Fujinn Open Orchestra uses the instruments to perform an enchanting mix of classical, jazz and world music. There are also two stimulating workshops where you can learn to play the instruments with guidance.


12.00-18.00 PM: the installation can be played freely (even without a ticket to Walden Festival)
15.00-15.30 PM: performance by Fujinn Open Orchestra
15.30-16.00 PM: guided workshop
16.30-17.00 PM: guided workshop
17.00-17.30 PM: performance by Fujinn Open Orchestra

Imaginaria is an Open Space concept and co-creation by Musica Impulse Centre and Amadeo Kollektif, in collaboration with Klarafestival