24.04 — 05.12.2021

Multimodal Community Composition Project Athens

Onassis Stegi (GR)

An Open Space collaboration from scratch between musicians from the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum & members of ARTéfacts contemporary music ensemble, facilitated & challenged by intermedia duo acte vide.

Multimodal Open Space

Participants: Louizos Aslanidis, Hussain Badran, Salman Duski, Guido de Flaviis, Kareem Al Kabbani, Costas Seremetis, Spyros Tzekos, Theo Vazakas, Becka Wolfe

Facilitators: acte vide (Ioannis Kotsonis, Danae Stefanou)

In the spring of 2021, musicians from the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum, an international Athens-based active citizens collective, teamed up for a series of 12 open meetings with members of ARTéfacts contemporary music ensemble.

The frequency, structure and end-product of these open space meetings was not pre-determined, but the two groups had a mutual goal: to engage in a collaboration from scratch, that would lead them down unfamiliar paths, allowing them to question and collectively re-shape their established concepts about what music does and what it is meant to sound like. The collaboration was facilitated & challenged by Intermedia duo acte vide.

The project took shape as a series of physical & online group workshops, exploring collective listening, field recording, intermedia composition & improvisation, between April and December 2021

Material that emerged during these meetings has been documented and compiled by acte vide in two different collections: 

In the final meeting, participants organized their own informal Multimodal Performance, documented on camera by Louizos Aslanidis from ARTéfacts. The video from this performance received its first screening during Borderline Festival on 9 April 2022.