10.11.2022 — 25.02.2023

Genevieve Murphy: At the Spot Where I Find Myself

November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK), Wilde Westen (BE)

A multidisciplinary performance exploring spaces, privacy and escape

The performance explores the subject of privacy and how we identify with the specific spaces that help us release emotions, the spaces where we seek protection and the spaces into which we disappear.

Stuck in a position of indecision, a woman becomes increasingly aware of her body in space. She observes her apartment as an extension of herself, while acknowledging the impact it has on her actions. Genevieve Murphy weaves spoken word, sound and visual art into a claustrophobic, unsettling, introverted, humorous and delicate performance. In collaboration with Belgian multidisciplinary fashion artist Tom van der Borght, this work offers an intimate glimpse into the artist’s world and the characters she has met along the way.

Genevieve Murphy

Genevieve Murphy (1988, Scotland) studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Glasgow, Junior School followed by Birmingham Conservatoire for Bachelor of Music. She received a Masters in Composition at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2013 and currently lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Genevieve is known to combine performance art/visual art with contemporary classical music and her concepts are frequently based around psychology and disability. As well as an independent maker, she has collaborated and performed with visual artists, free improvisers, choreographers and producers and has toured internationally with London based visual artist Martin Creed

In the context of the Sounds Now project, At the Spot Where I Find Myself is presented by November Music, hcmf// and Wilde Westen.

Photo-credit: Vera Rijks