Fonetica: Tiptoe Company at Festival Kortrijk

Wilde Westen (BE)

Kortrijk, Belgium – 2 March 2023

“Make music with everything and everyone” was the motto of avant-garde composer John Cage. Wilde Westen invites contemporary music ensemble Tiptoe Company to present an extension of this vision with Fonetica, an Open Space format. In collaboration with local partners – the Conservatorium Kortrijk and Wit.h – Tiptoe Company occupies Festival Kortrijk with a participatory DIY installation, entirely made of a tangle of PVC pipes. During the entire festival, the installation, which is exhibited in the foyer of the Muziekcentrum Track, invites the audience to experiment with the pipes and make music. Fonetica invites everyone to tap, blow, rub and play to make music with other visitors.

Fonetica at Festival Kortrijk 2023 - Tiptoe Company

This same construction of pipes is also at the heart of the show at Concertstudio. On this site, students of the Conservatorium and musicians of Wit.h/Anemoi enter into a dialogue with the artists of Tiptoe Company. Together they rediscover or explore sonic purity in subtle microtonal soundscapes that immerse the audience in a musical whirlpool. Iconic pieces by Eivind Groven, Harry Partch and György Ligeti are the basic material rearranged by the Tiptoe musicians.

Fonetica at Festival Kortrijk 2023 - Tiptoe Company
Fonetica at Festival Kortrijk 2023 - Tiptoe Company

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All photos: Greet Beelprez