Multi-Modal Community Project opening soon at Transit!

Transit (BE)

A Sounds Now Open Space


Frederik Croene - Transit

In this project, Frederik Croene works with people who don’t usually work with contemporary music at all. It’s an open encounter between piano and video, between new music adepts and total newbies, with both parties allowing themselves to be amazed and inspired by each other.

Frederik Croene started his career as a self-taught musician before taking up traditional music education. Fueled by his passion for contemporary music and new performance practices, he’s presented a radical mix of styles and techniques both in concert and recording, that’s been received enthusiastically throughout. Alongside his work as a performing musician, Croene rethinks traditional settings the piano and performer find themselves in through the concept of the deconstructed piano, with extraordinarily surprising results.

For tickets and the full Transit programme, see here.