Memorial of Rebellion postponed at November Music 2020 and hmcf// 2020

Ultima (NO), November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Due to new COVID-19 restrictions in the Netherlands and the UK, Memorial of Rebellion will be postponed to 2021 at both festivals.

© Warped Type (Maximiliano Estudies & Martin Siemann)

The audiovisual installation Memorial of Rebellion, by interdisciplinary duo Brigitta Muntendorf and Michael Höppner, combines music and theatre in an immersive space in which escapism and agitation, art and politics, contemporary music and pop, contemplation and action become fanfare and lullaby for the rebellion. 

Developed out of their previous Songs of Rebellion (performed at Onassis Cultural Centre in February 2020), and influenced by the 2020 pandemic, the installation creates an intimate situation in the Marmorsalen, in which visitors (two at a time) take a socially-distanced journey down their personal memory-trail via two separated audio and video projections.

Wearing headphones, the visitors to this ceremony experience inaudible songs in a large, silent space; a space in which an individual commemoration of their own neglected or failed rebellions may take place. The pandemic is not a state of emergency; it is the radicalization of the status quo.

Memorial of Rebellion previously showed at Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival in September 2020.

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