Nischal Khadka: A Song of Woes, We Offer Steeps

Spor (DK), Ultima (NO)

Presented in collaboration with Ultima Olso Contempoary Music Festival as a part of an open curator call to participants of the Sounds Now Curating Diversity Courses held at Onassis Stegi, Athens (2021), Time of Music, Viitasaari (2022) and Ultima, Oslo (2023)

Nischal Khadka at SPOR 2024 - Nepalese and Himalayan contemporary experience

A Song of Woes, We offer Steeps, curated by Nischal Khadka, is a musical performance that travels through various songs, stories, and melodies from diverse geographical landscapes of Nepal and Himalayan regions. It is a captivating composition and a collection of joys, sorrows, rituals, festivals, struggles, migration, and urbanization that evokes the contemporary Nepalese and Himalayan experience.

The collaboration between the musicians Jason Kunwar, Ranav Adhikari and Turi Leng Seong brings together various instruments such as singing bowls, Tibetan cymbals, woodwinds instrument the Radung, Bamboo flutes, string instruments like the Nepalese Sarangi, Nepasese drum Dhimay of Newar people along with electronic soundscapes. Their performance experiments with various traditional and contemporary styles of Nepalese and Tibetan musical repertoires incorporating electronic elements. The result is a mesmerizing sound that transcends cultural boundaries and transports the listener to unexplored sonic realms. It’s a truly immersive musical adventure. 

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