21.04 — 22.04.2023

Onassis Stegi: Curating Lab with MC Yinka

Onassis Stegi (GR)


MC Yinka

For too long, privileged sectors of society have held the power to define good and bad taste, and to decide what does and doesn’t deserve to be seen or heard. The Sounds Now Curating Labs inject fresh voices, different perspectives and new artistic styles into the curation of projects within the fields of music and sound art. 

In the context of Borderline Festival 2023, produced by Onassis Stegi, Manolis Afolanio (MC Yinka) will lead a two-day workshop on festival curation. The workshop will touch on all the stages of the development of a festival, from the initial concept to artistic direction and artists selection. Drawing from his experience as a musician, he will expand on his unique approach towards curating: the use of narrative devices, lived experiences, the topological and chronological context, and personal connections with people and their stories as tools for curating a festival.

Manolis Afolanio is a vocalist, bassist, performer, songwriter, and vocal coach. He made his first steps in the Athenian music scene in 1998, MC’ing in drum ‘n’ bass parties with Urban Links. He was the creator of hip-hop group Adiaspasti Ousia and a member of the electro-ethnic band Palyrria. Currently, he is a member of the jazz/funk/hip-hop band Hidroliq and the Afro/nu-jazz band Fallstreak Hole. He has also performed as an actor in a number of films and theatrical productions. He has worked as a vocal coach and teacher of creative writing in projects such as ‘Agoni Grammi Gonimi’ (Extramilers), the “Victoria Square Project,” and ‘ANASA Cultural Center’.

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