Night Air programme at Festival Kortrijk

Wilde Westen (BE)

Hatis Noit 2024
Genevieve Murphy 2024
ZWERM Noise Uprising 2024
Counterforces 2024

Sounds Now at Night Air 2024

experimental mini-festival
as part of Festival Kortrijk

During the Thesmophoria, a religious festival dedicated to the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone, only women were allowed. The celebration of this festival was always accompanied by the utmost secrecy, and outsiders didn’t know exactly what went on.

An equally mysterious atmosphere hangs over Night Air. The musicians dominate the programme, which focuses on experimental and contemporary classical music. No one really knows what to expect.

Organised by SN partner Wilde Westen, Festival Kortrijk pushes back the boundaries of classical music, bringing together different genres, musicians and audiences. It is a festival that offers a space for new and unique formats and performances. Sounds Now is proud to support four of the ten acts on the Night Air bill: Counterforces with Lore Binon, IKRAAAN and Amos, Hatis Noit, Genevieve Murphy’s At the Spot Where I Find Myself, and Zwerm’s Noise Uprising.

Night Air programme in full

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