23.05 — 24.05.2024

Open Space: Asking People to Build Things

Spor (DK)

Current Resonance at SPOR 2024

Open Spaces are productions that directly engage the audience in the creative process. Local communities new to music work with a curating team to create a musical work that may be presented at a partner’s music festival. Although a quality artistic result is a goal, the priority is to create a meaningful musical experience for audiences. Open Spaces represent a safe zone for testing different techniques that will be re-tested in different cultural contexts.

Day 1: The Danish composer and performance group Current Resonance leads a day-long participatory event where the ensemble and audience break into teams to collaboratively realise the suggestions posted by the public on their open online platform. Together we share a day filled with constructing instruments and scenography, and learning about the history of musical asking, that culminates in a collective performance ritual.

Day 2: Current Resonance posits a concert that encircle the concept of asking and its various musical Implications. They present a constellation of inquires into the nature of musical asking and questioning through the means of (audience) interaction, suggestion, and simultaneity. Who do we ask? What do we ask of them? And why do we ask them to do that?


Current Resonance: Dylan Richards, Joss Smith, Matthew Grouse, Michael Hope, Dalin Waldo, Sebastian Adams.

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