06.05 — 07.05.2021

Curating Diversity symposium, Part 2

Curating Diversity symposium

What Does Freedom Sound Like? 
Curating Diversity, Part 2
6–7 May 2021, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET
Free, online (registration required)

Continuing and building on the Curating Diversity symposium in September 2020, this 2-day event invites participants to explore the sounds of freedom that are continuously being created in our world – beyond Eurocentric power structures and thought patterns.

This time around, the symposium moves away from the traditional format of keynote speeches and panel discussions, opting instead for a participatory “Open Space”. In a more informal, hands-on approach, participants create the day’s agenda by determining together subjects for discussion arising from the theme of non-colonial music and sound practices. Over the two days, four “open space” slots lasting an hour or more will alternate with breakout workshop sessions. The themes for these workshop sessions will be developed collectively on the first day, with all participants welcome to suggest themes. The aim is to share knowledge, generate ideas, form new partnerships and by the end of the two days, set out a plan for sustainable actions.

The symposium will also include a number of collective listening sessions led by selected artists. These sessions are a space to listen to music and sounds as a group, and reflect and discuss together.

Throughout the event, an online gallery of short audio/video pieces that relate to the question “What does freedom sound like?” will be available in a separate online room. Everyone, regardless of attendance at the symposium, is welcome to send in contributions (see open call). Participants are free to drop in anytime to listen, watch and be inspired.

Please register your attendance by May 5th, 2021 via the registration form.

This event was developed in collaboration with an Advisory Board consisting of Memory Biwa, Du Yun, Candice Hopkins, Lee Walters and meLê yamomo.



10:30       Arrival

11:05       Welcome

11:20       Introduction (small groups)

11:50       Break

12:05       Preparation

Meeting in groups: What are your wishes and fesars for this symposium?

12:35       Break

12:40       Listening Sessions

Meeting in groups of 15-20 
Sessions are led by: Hardi Kurda; Robert Machiri & Memory Biwa; Elsa M’bala; Joseph Kamaru; Ariel Orah.

13:15       Collective reflection on listening sessions

13:30       Lunch Break  

14:30       Open Space

Collective creation of agenda for Open Space sessions

15:30       Open Space session 1 (breakout groups)

16:30       Open Space session 2 (breakout groups)

17:30       Collective Reflection

18:00       Listening Session with Raven Chacon and/o drinks at the “bar“ (until 19.00)

20:00 Opening Concert for Memories in Music. Access the livestream here
Kirsten Reese: Cobourg Nets, Ensemble Adapter, world premiere
Erkki Veltheim, mit Daniel Wilfred: October 19th, 1845, Ensemble Adapter, world premiere


11:00       Morning Welcome

11:30       Open Space session 3 (breakout groups)

13:00       Lunch

14:00       Open Space session 4 (breakout groups)

15:30       Collective action planning

Building on the 4 Sessions

16:30       Planning Groups

Join an action and set out steps for implementation

17:30       Closing Collective Reflection

18:00       End + drinks at the “bar“ until 19.00

20:00 Filmpremiere Avant Joik / Memories in Music. Access the livestream here
Performance Annette Schmucki: repeat one_two dachversion, Ernst Surberg, world premiere
Film Avant Joik, Katarina Barruk, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Matti Aikio, world premiere
Performance Spirit Weather: Altitude, Tony Buck,Tony Elieh, world premiere

What is Open Space? 

  • At the beginning of the Open Space the participants themselves decide what will be worked on.  
  • Every issue of concern to anybody can be raised.  
  • Work will be done in break-out groups – size, approach, length will be decided by participants.  
  • Participants make notes on their findings, these will be published during the event.  
  • Everybody receives a Book of Proceedings with all reports.  
  • Active participation and getting the most out of the event is supported by being present through the entire event.  

Organised by Akademie der Künste, Initiative Neue Musik Berlin and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival as part of the Sounds Now project.

The symposium is part of the festival “Memories in Music” by the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. See the full programme at www.adk.de

Media partner: Van Outernational

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