21.10.2023 — 24.02.2024

Counterforces: Frederik Croene & Amina Osmanu, Lore Binon, IKRAAAN

Transit (BE), November Music (NL), Wilde Westen (BE)

Amina Osmanu
Lore Binon

Against the backdrop of a dystopian future, three young singers come together in a session of sung spells and magical incantations for Counterforces. A ritual primal scream, by three female voices from three vocal traditions, IKRAAAN, Amina Osmanu and Lore Binon, with prophetic texts by poet Dominique De Groen and music by composer and pianist Frederik Croene.

Composer & performers

Counterforces Frederik Croene

Frederik Croene

Pianist Frederik Croene developed a handful trajectories in which he reflects on the ever changing and multi-layered identities of the classical pianist. He worked intensively with contemporary composers such as Michael Beil, Simon Steen-Andersen, Michael Finnissey and Stefan Prins. His concept of Le Piano Démécanisé (the dismantled piano, discovered as an objet trouvé) was a turning point in becoming a composer/performer.

Website Frederik Croene

Counterforces Amina Osmanu

Amina Osmanu

Singer Amina Osmanu a.k.a. Amos forms A/T/O/S (a taste of struggle) with Truenoys. In 2020, they released a third album, Waterman. “As husky and brooding as her vocals are, her phrasing is brisk: a touch of Jorja Smith combined with the understated of Martina Topley-Bird,” dixit De Morgen.

Soundcloud Amina Osmanu

Counterforces Lore Binon

Lore Binon

Soprano Lore Binon is eager to assert herself as a defender of the fragile song genre. Her sensitive and rich musical personality makes her a much sought-after soloist at home and abroad for both the symphonic repertoire and early music. In addition, Binon is active in the worlds of chamber music, music theater and contemporary music.

Website Lore Binon

Ikraan counterforces


Through her love of the Dutch language, IKRAAN learned to turn her passion for music into work of her own. She developed her dreamy singing style that instantly takes you into a unique world. With her music, she broaches difficult subjects: obstacles, a bumpy life path and the pain of being fundamentally different.


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Counterforces is co-presentated by Wilde Westen and November Music as part of the Sounds Now project, as well as Concertgebouw Brugge and Klarafestival / Production B-Classic

Sounds Now is also at Transit 2023 with Noise Uprising: Trapani, ZWERM, Sophia Burgos and Sofia Jernberg

All photos taken from the Transit Festival website