10.03 — 31.10.2022

Claudia Molitor’s ‘Listen to my World’

hmcf// (UK), Wilde Westen (BE), Spor (DK), Time of Music (FI), Transit (BE), Onassis Stegi (GR)

Listen To My World at Festival Kortrijk 2022

Sound artist Claudia Molitor’s new installation Listen to my World tours to 5 Sounds Now partners

Launching at Kortrijk-based festival Wilde WestenListen to my World will run from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 March before travelling to SPOR in late April, and on to Finland, Belgium, Greece and the UK. The installation is now explorable through a dedicated website containing stories and voices of the project’s many participants, coinciding with the work’s live premiere.

Through sound and visuals, Listen to my World is another step forward in Molitor’s expansive, outward-looking approach to creating. Making use of foraging and collaborating, Molitor’s work is constantly in conversation with something, or someone, else. Interested in lesser heard stories, her work makes use of field recordings and found instrumentation. She offers translations – ways of explaining one space, or situation, to another. Installations such as Auricularis Superior and Singing Bridge have aimed for this kind of visitation, referencing and colouring in places while offering new ways to hear them. Her new audio installation, Listen to my World, continues to share these interlinking stories.

Listen to my World is another one of Claudia Molitor’s collaborations, though the scope is wider, the conversation bigger. Communicating with five people living in different European towns and enabling them to tell their own stories, Molitor reflects on these encounters through sound. Following in the footsteps of versamt, her collaboration with choreographer Anna Koch at hcmf// 2020, she brings environmental and social stories close to one another, implementing visual and sonic material from across the continent to reflect the connections, and divergences, in the lives of the participants involved.  

According to Molitor, ‘Listen to my World is born out of an interest in listening to stories less often told, and the belief that these stories matter.’ The project ‘shows us different ways of thinking about ourselves and the world, and how we might change the structures that permeate society and privilege only the very few.’ Molitor invites us to ‘reflect on what it is that makes us feel included or excluded from a place or space’, championing listening for its ability to share out agency and autonomy.

A publication and CD are on sale at each installation location, and available for purchase online. All proceeds will go to Amnesty International. Order your copy here.

Listen to my World is co-commissioned by SN partners hcmf//, Wilde Westen, SPOR Festival, Onassis Stegi, Time of Music, Transit Festival.

At Wilde Westen (March 2022)

At SPOR Festival (April 2022)

At Onassis Stegi (June 2022)