02.07 — 07.07.2024

Course and Open Space with Cathy Milliken

Time of Music (FI)

Cathy Milliken Time of Music 2024

Composer, oboist and curator Cathy Milliken’s course “Delight –  fluid spaces of participation” focuses on the challenges and opportunities of collaboration and also on the participation of the audience.

As a composer, musician and curator, Milliken’s wide-ranging profile works with questions that resonate with our time. Her work reflects the ways of working today and is perfectly suited to the thematic priorities of this year’s festival. In addition to her own artistic work, Milliken is one of the leading names in the international music field for inclusive audience work.

At Time of Music 2024, Milliken leads a course of workshops for composers, curators, instrumentalists, singers and performers devoted to making a collaborative performance piece. The workshops seek to examine ways of initiating and integrating audience participation for both young and old during its performance. Further to this, by integrating the possibilities of public participation in the final performance, the course reflects on the social relationship of the performers to their audience, and opens spontaneous and joyful windows of creation and improvisation according to the audience’s participatory responses during the performance. The performance space and the participatory nature of the work therefore also becomes an intrinsic part of the final collaborative score “Delight”, to be performed during the last day of the festival. We will let the words of the actors to their audience in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream lead us in our collaborative explorations:  “Our true intent is all for your delight!”

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