28.01 — 29.01.2023

Wilde Westen: Curating Lab 2023

Wilde Westen (BE)

Kortrijk, Belgium – January 28-29, 2003

Curating Lab program Wilde Westen 2023
Wilde Westen Curating Lab 2023

Wilde Westen organised Sounds Now’s first Curating Lab of 2023, bringing together young professionals from different musical backgrounds

For too long, privileged sectors of society have held the power to define good and bad taste, and to decide what does and doesn’t deserve to be seen or heard. The Sounds Now Curating Labs inject fresh voices, different perspectives and new artistic styles into the curation of projects within the fields of music and sound art. 

In January, SN partner Wilde Westen brought together a group of 10 young musicians and curators from both the classical and the pop&rock scene to explore issues relating to diversity and inclusion. Discussions and workshops were led on Day 1 by curator Mijke Harmsen and dancer/educator Amin Srasra, and on Day 2 by curator/artist Wouter Vanhaelemeesch & curator/researcher Loes Rusch.

Wilde Westen Curating Lab 2023

Together, the participants dove deep into the topic, exploring how to diversifying the “established”, how access can be a tool in diversity and inclusion, “queer space”, what makes music meaningful, how to involve another culture without falling into appropriation, the danger of good intentions, and much more. Practical approaches were also examined, such as how to ensure inclusive communication, how to make a sustainable career in the arts, and how to bring diversity and inclusivity into a musical event, to name a few. The Lab provided some hands-on moments as well, with composer/drummer Stéphane Galland leading a workshop on rhythmic appropriation, and a light & sound workshop that rounded off the experience.

Wilde Westen Curating Lab 2023

I found the Curating Lab hosted by Wilde Western a valuable and enriching educational experience. 
The 2-days workshop was organized as a positive and vibrant time of exchange between not only students and experts from different music industry fields, but also different generations.
Having had mostly a classical music education, I particularly appreciated the presence of professionals from the pop music sector, from whom I was able to learn tools and resources that will absolutely enrich my approach when Curating myself and others. 
I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get in touch and interact with a very well-renowned and established reality in the Belgian music scene and the possibility to confront myself with topics of major importance for the development of society through the experience and the making of music.

– Anita Capuccinelli, Curating Lab participant

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All photos ©Wilde Westen