Bára Gísladóttir: The moon is an eye is a pond and so on and so forth

Spor (DK), hmcf// (UK)

Bára Gísladóttir

25.05 — 24.11.2024

Kaj Duncan David: Only birds know how to call the sun and they do it every morning

hmcf// (UK), Spor (DK)

Kaj Duncan David SPOR 2024


Cường Minh Bá Phạm: Our Voices

Spor (DK), Ultima (NO)

Cường Minh Bá Phạm

23.05 — 24.05.2024

Open Space: Asking People to Build Things

Spor (DK)

Current Resonance SPOR 2024


Murder Ballads: The Positive Reinforcement Campaign

Spor (DK), Ultima (NO)

26.04 — 27.04.2024

Onassis Stegi: Curating Lab with Eleni Ikoniadou

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Eleni Ikoniadou

07.03 — 09.03.2024

Music Bridge

Onassis Stegi (GR)



Night Air programme at Festival Kortrijk

Wilde Westen (BE)

Night Air medley

19.02 — 30.05.2024

MusiMatrix 2024: Eternal Sound

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

MusiMatrix 2024

19.02 — 29.05.2024

Open Space: Sounds of the future

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

DJ/Producers Open Space Musica 2024

12.01 — 13.01.2024

Wilde Westen: Curating Lab 2024

Wilde Westen (BE)

Wilde Westen Curating Lab 2024

18.11.2023 — 30.11.2024

Advert – Laura Bowler

hmcf// (UK), November Music (NL), Time of Music (FI), Ultima (NO)

Laura Bowler - ADVERT

07.11.2023 — 31.10.2024

UMVA! – Aurélie Lierman & Silbersee

November Music (NL), Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

Aurélie Lierman

07.11 — 17.11.2023

PERSONHOOD – Jennifer Walshe

November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Andreas Borregaard - PERSONHOOD

22.10.2023 — 24.02.2024

Noise Uprising: Christophe Trapani

Transit (BE), November Music (NL), Wilde Westen (BE), hmcf// (UK)

Christophe Trapani

21.10.2023 — 24.02.2024

Counterforces: Frederik Croene & Amina Osmanu, Lore Binon, IKRAAAN

Transit (BE), November Music (NL), Wilde Westen (BE)

Amina Osmanu

12.10 — 26.11.2023

Open Call Labo Curatorship 2023 (Closed)

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

Musica Labo Curatorship


Open Space: Percussion with Mohammed Reza Mortazavi

Ultima (NO)

Mohammed Reza Mortazavi percussion workshop Ultima 2023

22.09 — 23.09.2023

Sounds Now Symposium 2023 – Warsaw, Poland

Spor (DK)



Symposium: Glitch Curation

Ultima (NO)

Glitch Curation symposium

19.09 — 23.09.2023

Open Call: Curating course at Ultima 2023 (Closed)

Ultima (NO)

Irene Revell & melê yamomo


Hatis Noit

Ultima (NO)

Hatis Noit

15.09 — 23.09.2023

Sound Walk: Travelling and Remaining

Ultima (NO)

Sound Walk by Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad Ultima 2023


Open Space: SCRATCH at Walden Festival 2023

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

Scratch at Walden Festival 2023

04.07 — 24.11.2023

6 premieres around Hans Werner Henze’s “Voices”

Time of Music (FI), hmcf// (UK)

Henze new commissions Time of Music 2023

10.05 — 13.05.2023

Goodiepal & Bananskolen

Spor (DK)

Goodiepal & Bananskolen at SPOR 2023

23.04 — 26.11.2023

Sama: The Divine Listening Room

Onassis Stegi (GR), Spor (DK), Ultima (NO), Wilde Westen (BE), hmcf// (UK)

Sama Divine Listening Room

21.04 — 22.04.2023

Onassis Stegi: Curating Lab with MC Yinka

Onassis Stegi (GR)

MC Yinka


Fonetica: Tiptoe Company at Festival Kortrijk

Wilde Westen (BE)

27.02 — 28.04.2023

Musimatrix 2023: Nemø Ensemble

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

Musimatrix Musica 2023

28.01 — 29.01.2023

Wilde Westen: Curating Lab 2023

Wilde Westen (BE)

Wilde Westen Curating Lab 2023

10.11.2022 — 25.02.2023

Genevieve Murphy: At the Spot Where I Find Myself

November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK), Wilde Westen (BE)

Murphy At the Spot Where I Find Myself


Sandeep Bhagwati: “To Sing While Drowning”

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

To Sing While Drowning Bhagwati

10.10.2022 — 24.09.2023

Freedom to Move with Sofia Jernberg

November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK), Onassis Stegi (GR), Wilde Westen (BE), Ultima (NO)

Freedom to Move November Music

01.09.2022 — 24.09.2023

Ultima: Curating Lab 2022-2023

Ultima (NO)

Ultima Curating Lab 2022-23

05.07 — 10.07.2022

Curating Diversity course 2022 at Time of Music

Time of Music (FI)

Curating Diversity course 2022

04.07 — 11.07.2022

Time of Music 2022 – 40th anniversary!

Time of Music (FI)

Philip Venables

10.03 — 06.05.2022


Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

musimatrix 2022

10.03 — 31.10.2022

Claudia Molitor’s ‘Listen to my World’

hmcf// (UK), Wilde Westen (BE), Spor (DK), Time of Music (FI), Transit (BE), Onassis Stegi (GR)

Claudia Molitor - Listen to My World

30.11 — 03.12.2021

Open Call | Curator Course (Closed)

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Sounds Now Curator Course

15.10.2021 — 21.09.2023

Sound Art in Public Spaces

Wilde Westen (BE), November Music (NL), Spor (DK), Onassis Stegi (GR), Ultima (NO)

Sound Art in Public Spaces


Eupepsia/Dispepsia from Eva Reiter at SPOR and Ultima 2021

Spor (DK), Ultima (NO), hmcf// (UK), Onassis Stegi (GR), Time of Music (FI), Wilde Westen (BE)

Eupepsia/Dispepsia SPOR festival

08.09.2021 — 30.11.2024

Eating a Man – Christian Winther Christensen

Spor (DK), November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Eating a Man - Christensen - Spor festival

06.07 — 10.07.2021

Nagori Rengakai

Time of Music (FI)

Nagori Rengakai Time of Music Festival 2021

06.07 — 22.11.2021

Memorial of Rebellion soon at November Music and hcmf//

Time of Music (FI), November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Memorial of Rebellion Ultima

18.06 — 18.07.2021

The bEAST released!

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

TThe bEAST is a gigantic DIY instrument

25.05 — 29.05.2021

Curating lab with Elsa M’bala and Christine Eyene – May 25-29, 2021

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

Curating Lab at Musica

06.05 — 07.05.2021

Curating Diversity symposium, Part 2

Curating Diversity symposium, Part 2

24.04 — 05.12.2021

Multimodal Community Composition Project Athens

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Multimodal open space project OCC


Multi-Modal Community Project opening soon at Transit!

Transit (BE)

Frederik Croene


1st Sounds Now Symposium on September 25th!

Sounds Now Symposium 2020


VIEW the livestream of the “Curating Diversity in Europe: Decolonizing Contemporary Music” symposium

Curating Diversity in Europe symposium


Oslo Musics at Ultima 2020

Ultima (NO)

Composer Sandeep Bhagwati

29.06 — 05.07.2020

Curating Diversity Course 2020 – POSTPONED

Time of Music (FI)

Curating Diversity course 2022 - Du Yun

02.03.2020 — 05.11.2021

MusiMatrix DUO at Wilde Westen

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE), Wilde Westen (BE)

29.02 — 29.02.2020

Songs of Rebellion

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Songs of Rebellion

Memorial of Rebellion postponed at November Music 2020 and hmcf// 2020

Ultima (NO), November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK)

Memorial of Rebellion Ultima