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Curating Diversity Course

The Sounds Now project includes a new 1-week course on music curating offered annually to prospective music curators. Led by Sounds Now mentors and experts from the music world and other professional fields, the course explores conceptual notions of curating. Topics include how to reach new audiences, whom do curators serve exactly, what does curating mean in our time, the importance of inclusion in curating practices and more. In this way, emerging curators are offered a rare space to reflect and exchange on their role in art and society, in a uniquely musical context.

30.11 — 03.12.2021

Open Call | Curator Course

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Sounds Now Curator Course

29.06 — 05.07.2020

Curating Diversity Course 2020 – POSTPONED

Time of Music (FI)