12.10 — 26.11.2023

Open Call Labo Curatorship 2023 (Closed)

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

In 2023, Musica is organising the biannual “Labo Curatorship”, bringing together experienced coaches with a diverse group of creatives. During the Labo, Musica and a guest coach bring guidance in artistic approach, business, production and communication to the participants. The new curators/co-creators then take part in Babelut Parcours @ASTRA.

About Babelut Parcours

Babelut Parcours is a musical journey of discovery for children aged 0 to 5. Artists and musicians take children and their parents/carers on an experiential journey packed with musical interaction, musical theatre and sound installations. Thus, all the senses awakened and young ears set on edge with sound and music.

This year’s theme ‘@ASTRA’ focuses on music from space.

Sound garden @ASTRA

Labo Curatorship offers everyone who works professionally with very young children (pedagogical coaches, child supervisors, kindergarten teachers,…) and likes to get creative, the opportunity to look behind the scenes in the creation of the new Babelut Parcours @ASTRA. Participants will also have their own impact on the accompanying sound garden, a tangible environment in which the very young can discover materials and sounds through play.

The project aims to introduce participating artists to musical development for very young children and be involved in the artistic development of the sound garden. They will gain an insight into curatorship, which means getting a glimpse into the process of curating artistic works.

Babelut Parcours is a concept of Musica Impulse Centre.
@ASTRA is a co-production of Musica and C-TAKT.


Deadline applications: Friday 8 September 2023
Selection: Friday 15 September 2023
Introduction to artists and musicians Babelut Parcours @ASTRA: Thursday 12 and Friday 13 October 2023
Online meeting to exchange and concretise ideas: every Friday from 20 October 2023
Try-out Babelut Parcours @ASTRA: Friday 17 November 2023
Concretisation sound garden: Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 November 2023
School performance Babelut Parcours @ASTRA in Pelt: Friday 24 November 2023
Public premiere Babelut Parcours @ASTRA in Pelt: Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November 2023

During the performances of Babelut Parcours @ASTRA, each Labo Curatorship participant will be an active part of the sound garden at least once.


Would you like to curate and create a play environment for the youngest audience together with Musica? Sign up by September 8 for Labo Curatorship by sending an email to loes@musica.be.


Participation is free.

More on Musica’s website

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