05.07 — 08.07.2023

Open Space: In A Large Open Space, with Quatuor Bozzini

Time of Music (FI)

The Quatuor Bozzini string quartet bring a spatial work to Viitasaari – a concert in which anyone can be a part of the performance.

James Tenney In A Large Open Space at Time of Music 2023 with Quatuor Bozzini

Open Spaces are productions that directly engage the audience in the creative process. Local communities new to music work with a curating team to create a musical work that may be presented at a partner’s music festival. Although a quality artistic result is a goal, the priority is to create a meaningful musical experience for audiences. Open Spaces represent a safe zone for testing different techniques that will be re-tested in different cultural contexts.

On Saturday 8th of July, the Viitasaari church will host a unique community concert in which anyone can participate in the performance, regardless of instrument or musical genre. James Tenney‘s In a Large Open Space, which will be performed in guidance of Quatuor Bozzini, is also a spatial work, during which the audience can move freely in the church, surrounded by music. The event will be produced in collaboration between Time of Music and the Viitasaari Music Institute.

James Tenney’s piece is a meditative and slow work that fills the space with sound. The audience gets to experience the space together with the performers. The whole creates a strong musical and spatial experience.

The experience is open to music hobbyists and professional musicians alike. Each participant brings the necessary equipment, such as musical instruments, music stands etc., participates in rehearsals at the Viitasaari church, and performs on the concert day. This is a unique opportunity to work with the Quatuor Bozzini at Viitasaari, along with students from the local music institute and the Time of Music courses.

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