02.03 — 05.03.2020

MusiMatrix DUO

Musica, Impulse Centre for Music (BE)

1 +1 = 2.
Or is it sometimes more?

White – black, high – low, large – small, heavy – light, serious – humorous.

Each contradiction consists of two. They form a duo, the prototype of every collection.

Musica plays with this idea: as a contrast, as a dialogue, as a monologue with two, as parts of an instrument. And by extension as two groups together or opposite each other.

MusiMatrix 2020 will take you into the world of duplication. Not to calculate, but to experience together. Get actively acquainted with three quirky musical duos: Duobaan (B), Jasper & Jasper (B) and UMS ‘n JIP (CH).

Is Contemporary composed music inaccessible for children? MusiMatrix shows the opposite. This during a musical trail lasting no less than 90 minutes and without any verbal instruction or interpretation.

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