02.03.2020 — 05.11.2021

MusiMatrix DUO at Wilde Westen

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE), Wilde Westen (BE)

Fancy a re-sound-ing adventure? Experience an interactive sound adventure with your child during MusiMatrix. MusiMatrix breaks down the boundaries between listening, actively experiencing and performing together. Play around with one or more aspects of the music during three mini-workshops. Three idiosyncratic musical duos will introduce you to electro-pop, opera and contemporary music with a twist.

Musimatrix musical duo interactive sound experience

1 +1 = 2.

Or is it sometimes more?

White – black, high – low, large – small, heavy – light, serious – humorous.

Each contradiction consists of two. They form a duo, the prototype of every collection.

MusiMatrix takes you into the world of duplication. We will play with this idea: as a contrast, as a dialogue, as a monologue with two, as parts of an instrument. And by extension as two groups with or opposite each other. Not to calculate, but to experience together, in interaction with three quirky musical duos: Duobaan, Jasper & Jasper and UMS ‘n JIP.

Human communication also starts from that two-way relationship. We appropriate that ability from the cradle, even though we can’t speak yet. You may also recognize it when two musicians enter into a dialogue. Although they don’t really talk, they do connect through sound.

Is contemporary composed music inaccessible for children? MusiMatrix shows the opposite. This is an interactive sound journey lasting no less than 90 minutes and without any verbal instruction or interpretation.

Sounds Now partner Musica presented Duo in spring 2020. Now this unusual and interactive experience for children and families will take place in Kortrijk, Belgium on November 5th with SN partner Wilde Westen.

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