26.04 — 27.04.2024

Onassis Stegi: Curating Lab with Eleni Ikoniadou

Onassis Stegi (GR)

Fugitive Voices

“Fugitive Voices” is a workshop led by Eleni Ikoniadou that invites aspiring curators and cultural workers to rethink curatorial practices as tools for social change. It draws on a series of online conversations with guest artists hosted by Eleni Ikoniadou between September 2020 and August 2023, both in the form of a seminar with students from the Royal College of Art and a monthly broadcast for Stegi Radio.

The vision behind those projects was to find practices that disrupt dominant narratives, official archives, and existing models of knowledge production, celebrate spaces for collective joy and moments of rupture, and activate the emergence of alternative narratives driven by a collective commitment to unlearn the histories of one’s disciplines.

The workshop aims to build on the foundation of those practices and enrich the ways curators and cultural workers approach their disciplines and their role in cultural production and art education.

Eleni Ikoniadou is a writer, artist, and educator specializing in sound and voice. She is a Reader in Digital Culture and Sonic Arts at the Royal College of Art, founder and co-editor of the Media Philosophy series (Rowman & Littlefield, 2014–2024), co-editor of “Unsound: Undead” (Urbanomic, 2019), and author of “The Rhythmic Event: Art, Media and the Sonic” (The MIT Press, 2014). Recent art projects include “The Passing” (Onassis Stegi, 2023), “Future Chorus” (MAENADS/ Hypermedium, 2023), “The Lamenters” (Sound Quests, 2022), and “Hydrapolivocals” (Weaving Worlds, 2022). (Photo from the Royal College of Art website)

Eleni Ikoniadou

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