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Introducing Sounds Now!

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Freedom to Move November Music

Freedom to Move

Sofia Jernberg explores the voice with singers from across Europe


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Musimatrix 2023: Nemø Ensemble

In Musimatrix 2023, seven ‘astro-performers’ from Nemø Ensemble take groups of children on a journey through their galaxy.

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Promoting inclusion through curating

Sounds Now aims to actively stimulate inclusion by focusing on the curator’s social and artistic role in in contemporary classical music and sound art. Centering on three pillars of diversity —  gender/gender identity, ethnic and socio-economic background — the project includes a range of actions such as labs for curators, mentorship programs, artistic productions, symposia and research. Through these actions, Sounds Now seeks to open up the possibility for different experiences, conditions and perspectives to be defining forces in shaping the sonic art that reaches audiences today.

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Order your copy of SEEING, the latest Sounds Now publication!

Seeing - Sounds Now publication

24.04 — 05.05.2023

Open Space: Time Capsule Turangalîla 

Musica, Impulse Centre (BE)

The Rhythm of Life Open Spaces are productions that directly engage the audience in the creative process. Local communities new to music work with a curating team to create a musical work that may be presented at a partner’s music festival. Although a quality artistic result is a goal, the priority is to create a […]

19.09 — 23.09.2023

Open Call: Curating course at Ultima 2023

Ultima (NO)

Irene Revell & melê yamomo


Raquel Castro named President of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Raquel Castro

04.07 — 05.07.2023

6 premieres around Hans Werner Henze’s “Voices”

Time of Music (FI)

Henze new commissions Time of Music 2023

10.05 — 13.05.2023

Goodiepal & Bananskolen

Spor (DK)

Goodiepal & Bananskolen at SPOR 2023

21.04 — 22.04.2023

Onassis Stegi: Curating Lab with MC Yinka

Onassis Stegi (GR)

MC Yinka

10.10.2022 — 24.09.2023

Freedom to Move with Sofia Jernberg

November Music (NL), hmcf// (UK), Onassis Stegi (GR), Wilde Westen (BE), Ultima (NO)

Freedom to Move November Music