Introducing Sounds Now!

The Sounds Now project aims to achieve greater inclusion in contemporary music and sound art by exploring new pathways in curating.

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Sounds Now mentors

Meet the Sounds Now mentors for 2020-2021

Du Yun

Tarek Atoui

Julia Gerlach

Vigdis Jakobsdottir

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Curating Diversity in Europe symposium

Sounds Now symposium!

The symposium “Curating Diversity in Europe” explored the power structures and Eurocentric patterns of thought in contemporary music curation in Europe.

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Transit 2020

Transit 2020 - October 24 & 25

Scordatura Ensemble, ChampdAction, HYOID & IRCAM, Bernhard Lang, Frederik Croene, Eva Reiter, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Maarten Buyl, Kate Moore and more…

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Promoting inclusion through curating

Sounds Now aims to actively stimulate inclusion by focusing on the curator’s social and artistic role in in contemporary classical music and sound art. Centering on three pillars of diversity —  gender/gender identity, ethnic and socio-economic background — the project includes a range of actions such as labs for curators, mentorship programs, artistic productions, symposia and research. Through these actions, Sounds Now seeks to open up the possibility for different experiences, conditions and perspectives to be defining forces in shaping the sonic art that reaches audiences today.

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Curating lab with Christine Eyene – suspended

Musica, Impulse Centre for Music (BE)

curator Christine Eyene


VIEW the livestream of the “Curating Diversity in Europe: Decolonizing Contemporary Music” symposium

Curating Diversity in Europe symposium

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Transit Festival 2020

Transit 2020


Memorial of Rebellion opening soon at November Music 2020

Ultima (NO), November Music (NL)


George Lewis: opening speech at Ultima 2020

George E. Lewis


Multi-Modal Community Project opening soon at Transit!

Transit (BE)

Frederik Croene