Cường Minh Bá Phạm: Our Voices

Spor (DK), Ultima (NO)

Presented in collaboration with Ultima Olso Contempoary Music Festival as a part of an open curator call to participants of the Sounds Now Curating Diversity Course held at Onassis Stegi, Athens (2021), Time of Music, Viitasaari (2022) and Ultima, Oslo (2023).

Cường Minh Bá Phạm

The performance “Our Voices” is a tribute to the diversity and unity within the East and South Asian (ESEA) community and beyond, highlighting our shared experiences and the distinctiveness of cross-pollinated cultures. “Our Voices” aims to deepen our understanding of the myriad experiences and challenges faced by individuals, fostering empathy and solidarity across all communities of color.

“Our Voices” presents a night of performances that weaves together the fiery flow of Chinese-Vietnamese-British rapper Jianbo, the melodic resonances of Chinese-British artist and vocalist mui zyu, with the textural improvisation by the musicians Vincent Ruiz Yuen, Rasmus Kjær and Anders Vestergaard.

In the spirit of inclusivity and cultural dialogue, we champion the thoughtful use of identity labels, recognizing their importance in context. This collaboration between UK ESEA artists and their local peers serves as a platform to explore the profound impact of personal experiences on creative expression, enriching our collective conversation about art and identity.

The concert will be performed in 3 acts with breaks in between.


Cường Minh Bá Phạm – curator



mui zyu

Vincent Ruiz Yuen

Rasmus Kjær

Anders Vestergaard

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Photo: Fryd Frydendahl