Hatis Noit

Ultima (NO)

Hatis Noit

Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit is a genuine musical traveller. Born in Hokkaido, a pilgrimage to Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal at the age of 16 made her realise her destiny was to sing.

Now relocated to London, Hatis Noit is inspired by a wide range of musical influences, from classical Japanese gagaku music, black metal and post-industrial rock, to opera, Bulgarian chanting, and avantgarde vocalists like Holly Herndon and Meredith Monk.

At Ultima, she will perform new material she has been working on since the release of Aura in 2022, as she continues to explore her identity as a Japanese person relocated to Europe with upbeat mood and endless energy.

Hatis Noit will also perform at Festival Kortrijk, organised by Wilde Westen, as part of the Sounds Now project in 2024.

More info on the Ultima website