07.03 — 09.03.2024

Music Bridge

Onassis Stegi (GR)


Routes of the sea, routes of music

Music Bridge OCC 2024

The Onassis Stegi continues its collaboration with the Panteion University with the “Music Bridge over the Syngrou Avenue”. The partnership involves the participation of undergraduate students of the Department of Media and Cultural Communication of Panteion University in a cultural workshop, providing them with the opportunity to work with the Onassis Stegi, meet the Production and Communication departments, gain valuable experience and interact with the music creators of our time. The culmination of the collaboration is the organisation of four concerts at the Upper Stage of Onassis Stegi on March 7 and 8, in collaboration with the Onassis Stegi staff and musicians.

This year, the Music Bridge begins its journey on the Iberian Peninsula and concludes with a final tribute to the traveling composer, Maurice Ohana. Maurice Ohana was recognized as one of the leading composers of his generation in France as early as the 1960s, bearing a music work that remains as intricate as his musical language.

The programme crosses the oceans through three concerts. From the Iberian Peninsula centuries ago that began the ship routes of the transatlantic slave trade, to the shores of Central Africa and South America, or the Cape of Good Hope and Southeastern Asia.

With the Music Bridge’s programme as its vehicle, it passes through these routes and listens to the music of today from Central African countries, Brazil, Argentina, and Japan, as a counterpoint to some of the music that was born out of these very first journeys. Its thoughts linger on the sea routes that many people are forced to undergo in modern times.


Thursday 7 March

1st concert | 20:30 | A Tribute to Maurice Ohana

Niki Harlafti (b. 1987): “doRon eauTomb,” for violin and cello, commissioned by Onassis Stegi (2023)*

Henri Dutilleux (1916–2013): “3 Strophes sur le nom de Sacher,” for solo cello (1976)

Maurice Ohana (1913–1992): “Syrtes,” for cello and piano (1970)**

Manuel de Falla (1876–1946): Concerto for harpsichord (or piano) and 5 instruments (1923-26)

Eirini Krikoni: violin, Dimitris Karagiannakidis: cello, Antonis Tsachtanis: clarinet (members of Oros Ensemble)

Marilena Souri: piano, Theodora Iordanidou: flute, Ioannis Tselikas: oboe

2nd concert | 21:30 | African pianism

Ayo Bankole (1935–1976, Nigeria): Piano Sonata no. 2 “The Passion” (1959) **

Christian Onyeji (b. 1967, Nigeria): “Ufie, Igbo dance” (2008) **

Girma Yifrashewa (b. 1967, Ethiopia): “Elilta” (2005) **

Grant McLachlan (b. 1956, South Africa): “Senzeni na?” (2022) **

Mokale Koapeng (b. 1963, South Africa): “Prelude” **

Fred Onovwerosuoke (b. 1960, Ghana): “24 Studies in African Rhythms”: “Aye dance 1,” “Aye dance 3,” “Pende,” “Sanza,” “Raging River dance 2” (2007) **

Akin Euba (1935–2020, Nigeria): “Yoruba Songs Without Words”: “Ore meta,” for piano and percussion (1959/1975) **

Rebeca Omordia: piano

Featuring Sofia Kakkou: percussion


1st concert | 20:30 | Music for flute from Argentina and Brazil

Gundega Šmite (b. 1977, Latvia): “Dreamworks,” commissioned by Onassis Stegi (2023) *


Damián Gorandi (b. 1991): “…is coming,” for electronics (2018) **

Rocío Cano Valiño (b. 1991), “Antanáklasi I,” for flute and processed sounds (2019) **


Edson Zampronha (b. 1963): “Modelagem III” (1995) **

Chiquinha Gonzaga (1847–1935): “Gaúcho – Corta-Jaca” (1895) **

Osvaldo Lacerda (1927–2011): “Improviso 1” (1974) **

Heitor Villa Lobos (1887–1959): “Chôros No. 2,” for flute and clarinet (1924)

Theodora Iordanidou: flute

Featuring Antonis Tsachtanis (clarinet) and Sofia Kakkou (percussion)

2nd concert | 21:30 | Music for viola and accordion from Japan

Υuji Takahashi (b. 1938): “Like Swans Leaving the Lake,” for viola and accordion (1995)

Toshio Hosokawa (b. 1955): “Melodia,” for solo accordion (1979)

Eleftheria Togia and Artemis Vavatsika, free improvisation on Japan music works

Misato Mochizuki (b. 1969): “Intermezzi V,” for viola and accordion (2012) **

Filippos Raskovic (b. 1994, Greece/Serbia): “Nanourisma,” for viola and accordion, commissioned by Onassis Stegi (2023)*

Eleftheria Togia: viola, Artemis Vavatsika: accordion

* World premiere

** Greek premiere

Saturday 9 March

African Pianism Masterclass | 18:00 – 21:00 |

Venue: Studio -3, Onassis Stegi

Pianist Rebeca Omordia, following her recital with works by African composers on March 7 in the framework of “Music Connects the Onassis Stegi and the Panteion University,” will give a presentation of this rich and rather unknown in Greece piano repertoire, while she will teach several selected works to pianists of the “The Piano in the 20th and 21st Century” seminar at the Athens Conservatoire. The works are taken from the five-volume pedagogical collection “Piano Music of Africa and the African Diaspora,” edited by William H. Chapman Nyaho, Oxford University Press.

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