Transit (BE)

Festival 20·21 (Festival van Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant) was founded in 1995 as the Leuven-based member of a ‘family’ of otherwise independent classical music festivals that all carry the name ‘Flanders Festival’. In 2000, Transit was set up as a specialized New Music festival within the festival. In 2006, Transit became exclusively devoted to 21st-century music, so that Festival 20·21 as a whole developed a twofold profile as reflected in its name: a series of concerts featuring 20th-century music, and Transit as a haven for the newest New Music. Transit is a weekend-long festival, offering between 8 and 12 concerts and related events. Transit aims to mix established names and new discoveries, but always with the ambition to give a boost to new works, talent, experiments and other wild ideas.

Artistic Director: Maarten Beirens