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New course on the curation of contemporary music in Basel, CH

The Academy of Music in Basel, Switzerland, is launching a brand new course in contemporary music curation, starting January 2021

The Academy of Music in Basel is starting a new and so far unique post-graduate study program with the title “CAS Curating Contemporary Music“. The course is designed specifically for young musicians who have founded their own ensemble and are realising freelance projects in the contemporary music field.

Experienced and renowned curators, researchers and artists such as Björn Gottstein, Daniel Ott, Heloisa Amaral, Barbara Eckle, Johannes Kreidler, Theresa Beyer, Bernhard Günther and more, will hold lectures and workshops. A close link to the practice is guaranteed through the cooperation with the festival ZeitRäume Basel, for which the participants will develop and realise their own curatorial projects.

The overall goal is the professionalisation of the participants’ curatorial practice, the development of innovative curatorial methods and a deeper understanding of curatorial discourse.

The programme begins January 2021. Deadline for application September 30th.

Find more information here.

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