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Applications are open for “Curatorial Practices in Music” at ArtEZ

Curatorial Practices in Music course
@ Erik Franssen

Sounds Now is one of the few structures to offer a course on curating contemporary music. The ArtEZ University of the Arts is another. This year, ArtEZ presents the fifth edition of a course on curatorial practices in music. ArtEZ is exploring ways to collectively and individually redefine what it means to be a performer, facilitator, creative producer and curator of music and what it can potentially mean. What does the work of a music curator involve? How can you use curatorship to strengthen the core of your own musical practice? Which values and functions of music would you like to explore and develop further? 

ArtEZ welcomes musicians and programmers in all genres who wish to explore the potential of music and deepen their professional practice. 

In 2024, the course is fully online.  There are only fourteen spots, for musicians, music programmers and promotors in all genres who want to develop their skills as music curators. Participants in the first editions of the course covered the whole range: from heavy metal to jazz, new music, electronic, indie, and hardcore classical curators. 


January-May 2024                     Defining Your Vision (CPiM-I) 

Starting                                      29 January 2024 

Deadline for Application           15 December 2023 

September-December 2024      Curatorial Leadership and Management (CPiM-II)

Starting                                      23 September 2024 

Deadline for Application           15 August 2024 

Any questions?

Visit the ArtEZ website for further information, or contact Mirjam Zegers,

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