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5th annual international SIMM-posium – January 12, 2021

9 free online sessions on the social impact of making music

5th annual SIMM-Posium

Due to COVID-19, this edition of the annual international SIMM-posium takes the shape of a 9-week series of online-webinars, beginning Tuesday 12th January. Detailed information on the full programme is available on the SIMM and BOZAR websites.  Registration is mandatory, but free.

Each live (zoom) session will begin with presentations of research on the social impact of making music, with a panel discussion. A Q&A session follows, with the audience attending online in order to engage further in the topics presented and to explore new directions toward meaningful research and practice.

Each session will conclude with pre-recorded music by Belgian social music projects proposed by ‘De Ledebirds’ (Ghent) and soloist Bart Maris.

In addition, a SIMM-podcast will air weekly during the SIMM-posium, offering interviews in relation to the SIMM-posium session of the following week.  The first episode of the podcast is now online, with interviews of keynote-speaker Geoffrey Baker and SIMM-president John Sloboda.  The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify, and 10 other podcast-directories.

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