Countdown to SPOR Festival 2021!

Eating a Man - Christensen - Spor festival
1/3 © Marc Fluri
Eating a Man SPOR festival
2/3 © Marc Fluri
Eva Reiter - Eupepsia/Dyspepsia - Spor Festival
3/3 © Carlos Suárez

September 8-11 in Aarhus, Denmark

From the 8th to the 11th of September 2021, SPOR festival examines the diversity that characterizes society today. Contemporary music and sound art lead the way and present audience with diverse artistic universes that pique curiosity, challenge the current perception of the world and create an inner reflection.

Artistic and festival directors Anne Marqvardsen and Anna Berit Asp Christensen state:

It is not only at the surface that the audience will notice the diversity. Every event seen in the program is created by very different artists. It is artists from different cultures, with different types of life experiences and with different views on the world.

In order to ensure the fact that diversity is at the center of the program, we work in different and conscious ways, when we curate and order new projects. This is done in order to secure a gender, ethnic and cultural diversity in our program. A program we are excited to share with you!”

This year’s festival includes two productions in the Sounds Now project: Eating a Man from Christian Winther Christensen, and Eva Reiter’s Eupepsia/Dispepsia.

Full festival programme and ticket purchase available here.

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