Raven Chacon on Stegi Radio (ex-Movement Radio)

As part of Sounds Now, Ultima contributes an episode on Raven Chacon to Stegi Radio.

Stegi Radio is an international online radio station based in Athens. It explores the cross-cultural interactions, political and theoretical discourses and reflections of movement of people from the Mediterranean and beyond, through a series of commissioned pieces, thematic mixtapes, interviews, DJ sets and more.

Chacon’s work asks questions about territory, space, and the human right to exist within it, as well as the forces that work to keep people excluded and divided. His work adopts elements of avantgarde performance art, experimental music, installation and film.

In this audio report, journalist and composer Solveig Sørbø travels to Bødø in northern Norway to meet Chacon before the performance of his Pulitzer Prize-winning work Voiceless Mass (2021) at the city’s cathedral. The concert featured the Arctic Philharmonic and was presented in early June in connection with Chacon’s major solo exhibition, A Worm’s Eye View from a Bird’s Beak, at Nordnorsk Kustmuseum in Tromsø, which runs until 1 September 2024.

Solveig meets Raven Chacon and hears from Tim Weiss, conductor of the Arctic Philharmonic; Katya García-Antón, Director and Chief Curator of Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum/Davvi Norga Dáiddamusea; Ingvild Maria Mehus, double bassist in the Arctic Philharmonic; and poet Sarah Zahid, who contributes to Tremble Staves in Oslo.

Listen to the episode here

Want more Raven Chacon? Sounds Now is also supporting his Tremble Staves at Ultima 2024: more info here

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