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The Radio Forest sessions 

Movement Radio is an international online radio station produced by SN partner Onassis Stegi. It explores the cross-cultural interactions, political and theoretical discourses and reflections of movement of people from the Mediterranean and beyond, through a series of commissioned pieces, thematic mixtapes, interviews, DJ sets and more.

Sounds Now is delighted to contribute a series of curated playlists and sound works from our project partners based in Denmark, Belgium and the UK.

September – all Movement Radio sessions start 16:00 EEST

Friday 16 / Radio Forest Sessions • Mayibuye • Mix by Mo Laudi w/ Musica

Wednesday 21 Radio Forest Sessions • Phantomphonia • Mix by Dominik ‘t Jolle w/ Musica

Friday 23 / Radio Forest Sessions • Street Sonatas • Mix by Hans Roels & Ruben Orio Martinez w/ Musica

Wednesday 28 / Radio Forest Sessions • Litany of the Home Sound: addendum  • Mix by Charlotte Peys & Jacob Vanneste w/ Musica

Friday 30 / Radio Forest Sessions • Bakunawa • Mix by Pak Yan Lau w/ Musica

October – 16:00 EEST start

Wednesday 5 /  Radio Forest Sessions • Idalina • Mix by Rafaele Andrade w/ Musica
Friday 7 / Radio Forest Sessions • BOLSTER[bubbels] • Mix by Wim Pelgrims w/ Musica

Wednesday 12 / Radio Forest Sessions • MB40D and silk • Mix by Anne van de Star w/ Musica 

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