Curator Raquel Castro selected for sound art project

Raquel Castro curator for Sound Art in Public Spaces

Raquel Castro is a Portuguese soundscape researcher, documentary director and sound art curator. She is the founder and director of the environmental sound art festival Lisboa Soa and a post-doc researcher at the Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Culture and New Technologies in Lisbon, developing projects that investigate the aural experience of urban territories.

Raquel was selected by open call to curate the Sounds Now project “Sound Art in Public Spaces”. Stretching over 2 years, the project will bring the audience to public spaces in five European cities and create an auditory experience that provokes human engagement towards the environment and one another. Sound installations from various artists will enable new perceptions of public spaces and create awareness towards the need for change on a societal level.

The first installations will be presented this fall at SN partner festivals Wilde Westen and November Music. Keep checking back here as we’ll keep you posted on the concept, artists and works as we lead up to both events!

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