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Breathing, Sounds Now publication 2024

This is the third volume in a series of annual publications planned by the Sounds Now network. In this series, we invite two or more people, some working in music and some not, to reflect upon inclusion and diversity in the form of expression they choose.

While the previous volumes had the auditory and visual senses as their themes, we chose breathing for this third issue as a theme that brings a sense of embodiment into focus. Breathing, a prerequisite for human life, is our vital connection to the outside world. It is also the fundamental force of music, from the first human ever to have blown into a conch shell, up to the undulating patterns of rising and falling melodies following (or imitating) the ongoing movements of our chests. Breathing, as the most essential shared human activity, may stand for the capacity for inclusion, for breathing along with others and for ultimately sharing the air we breathe.

In this third volume, we are honoured to hear the voices of Elham Puriya Mehr, Dominique De Groen and Marieke de Maré.

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Excerpt from Breathing, Sounds Now publication 2024

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