06.07 — 09.07.2021

Installation: Memorial of Rebellion

Time of Music (FI)

The interdisciplinary duo Brigitta Muntendorf and Michael Höppner present their new audiovisual installation Memorial of Rebellion (2020) in response to COVID times.

Memorial of Rebellion Ultima
© Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard

While the celebrated composer Brigitta Muntendorf creates music at the intersection of various art forms like a web of multi-layered references and connections, acclaimed director Michael Höppner dedicates his work to new formats of musical and theatrical performances. 

As a space that echoes and reflects memories and commemorations, the installation at Time of Music festival creates a comparatively intimate situation, in which two visitors at a time take a journey into their personal memento via audio and video projections, at a large distance from each other. The pandemic crossed the plan of a live performance and confronts us with different forms of absence. Thrown back on their own, the visitors of the ceremony experience these absences as performative patterns of the non-physical and untouchable, of the inaudible song in a big space of silence; a space, in which an individual commemoration of their very own neglected or failed rebellions could take place. The Memorial of Rebellion realizes a physically distanced encounter of the de-solidarized: The pandemic is not a state of emergency; it is the radicalization of the status quo.

The participants of the seremony begin by disinfecting their hands, keeping social distance to each other and taking with them a piece of paper and a pen/pencil while entering the installation. After experiencing a performance happening between real and unreal, they sit in front of video screens and encounter their own relationship with the rebellious in written word before taking part in a modernly COVID-safe sing-along.

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