SPOR creates 6 programmes for Movement Radio

James Black explores grief with mixtape NULEVENDE

SPOR contributes to Movement Radio

First programme March 15 at 17.00 CET

Listen at 

James Black:

I recently lost my second close friend in two years to suicide. When I was asked by SPOR to create something for, the answer was obvious – I have to explore grief, because right now grief is filling my whole world. Again. Nulevende (a Danish word meaning ‘contemporary’, or ‘currently alive’) is a mixtape – the soundtrack of my current grief – interspersed with interviews with four of my friends who are experiencing grief, and ‘field recordings’ from my current grief-life. Some of them lost people years ago, some of them more recently. There is no overarching narrative, no story to tell, no point to be made, no conclusion to come to – just the overwhelming, confusing, surreal, painful, enlightening blend of emotions that makes up the grief experience. Think of it like travel journalism – reporting from a place that you don’t know about and can’t even begin to imagine until you’ve been there yourself.”

Nulevende features the voices of composer Connor McLean, artist and creative technologist Rachel Smith, veterinary surgeon Anna Garvey, and pianist Nikolaus von Bemberg. 

James Black will perform MUSHROOMS  at this year’s SPOR festival.

Additional SPOR programmes:

April 5, 17.00 CET — Bara Gisladottir

April 19, 17.00 CET — Olga Szymula

And 3 new programmes this fall…

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